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Looking for a trusted property appraiser in Rockingham County, NH? Look no further than Brooks Real Estate Services, LLC. With over 46 years of experience in the industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every appraisal. My primary focus is to provide exceptional service through superior knowledge gained by experience and research, always with integrity and respect for the client.

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Having started my career as a broker in the late ’70s, I transitioned into real estate appraisal, leveraging my extensive background to offer comprehensive insights into property values. While I also engage in brokerage work to stay updated with the latest market trends, my true passion lies in helping clients understand the true worth of their properties.

When you choose Brooks Real Estate Services, you can trust that your property will be accurately and fairly valued. I specialize in both residential and commercial appraisals, catering to homeowners, real estate investors, banks, mortgage companies, attorneys, and other professionals in Rockingham County. Whether you need a home appraisal or assistance with appraising a commercial or industrial property, I am here to guide you with confidence.

Let me help you navigate the complex world of property valuation. Contact Brooks Real Estate Services, LLC today to benefit from my extensive experience and unwavering commitment to delivering accurate and reliable appraisals in Rockingham County, NH. Let me be your trusted property appraiser in the area.

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