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A real estate appraiser with 46 years of experience, I can help you determine what your property is worth. I’m experienced in million-dollar homes and million dollar waterfront houses. As such, I have experience with a wide variety of real estate properties.

Appraising Property for Clients in Londonderry, NH, and All of Southern New Hampshire

Real estate appraising may need to be done for any type of property—including multi-family homes. Appraising property like this is a task that requires extensive knowledge—so consider reaching out to Brooks Real Estate Services. I have 46 years of experience appraising homes and other properties. As a professional appraiser, I can help you understand the value of your investment property. My expertise will give you confidence in knowing that you’re making an informed decision about your next move. Work with me today. I’m located in Londonderry, NH, serving all of Southern New Hampshire.


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You may need to get a multi-family home appraisal for tax abatement purposes, estate valuations, or marketing valuations. Brooks Real Estate Services can help with appraising property that has between six and 200+ units; I’m skilled at assisting with the valuation of investment properties and can ensure you receive a thorough appraisal report.

I can assist various clients, including:

  • Buyers
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Property Owners

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Real estate appraising can be made simple with help from a professional located in Londonderry, NH, and serving all of Southern New Hampshire. That’s when I come in. I’m ready to put my knowledge and experience to serve your real estate and appraisal needs.

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